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Top 5 Vintage Collection Clone Wars Poll Results

Posted by Bret&Chris on 07/23/18 at 12:26 PM Category: Top 5
1. Jedi Temple Guard

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
Certain character selections push the limits on how much "win" can be contained in 3.75". The Jedi Temple Guard is one such figure. This figure double dips in that it spans two series as the character appeared in both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Jedi Temple Guards also use double-bladed lightsabers for that ultimate cool factor. Finally, the lowly 5POA figure from the Rebels line fetches obscene prices on Ebay. Can you imagine what a super-articulated version would do?

Honestly, this figure should be up for consideration regardless of imminent return of The Clone Wars to the small screen. As a supremely cool, masked army builder, collectors and fans are likely to buy more than they need. We have a sickness. That sickness could be further exacerbated if Hasbro were to deliver the double lightsaber in two connectable halves. Even collectors who have the disciple to buy only one of each character would be inclined to buy multiples because of this. Unless that collector is CJ. He's terrible.

2. Pong Krell

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
Fans have often wondered what would happen if you took Dexter Jettster and replaced his electro-cleaver and knife with lightsabers. The answers is Pong Krell. Like Jettster, Krell is a member of the four-armed, insectoid Besalisk species, but he sports the svelter frame of a Jedi General. As with most people who are in shape, Krell was a bit of a jerk.

Krell was central to one of the more popular arcs in The Clone Wars having assumed temporary command of the 501st Legion from Anakin. The Jedi General was secretly working to undermine the Republic to gain the attention of Count Dooku. So that makes him a bad guy. But the Republic becomes the Empire and kills all the Jedi, so that makes him a good guy. I'm so C-3PO! Regardless of the confusing morality of the Prequel era, Krell has always occupied a top spot in fans' wishlists having been frequently suggested for inclusion in the animated figure line. Do you know what's better than that? Having Krell realistically styled with super articulation in The Vintage Collection.

3. Bo-Katan

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
Everyone loves Mandalorians. EV-ER-EE-ONE! Mandalorians are to Star Wars collectors what Deadpool is to Marvel collectors. Paint them all sorts of different colors and release them as both male and female figures, and they will sell. Did you ever see Lady Deadpool in stores? Unless your name is Darth Dre, no you didn't. It was impossible to find.

As with Krell, Bo-Katan was central to a popular arc that saw a resurrected Darth Maul try to assume control of Mandalore. Everyone loves that Darth Maul survived his bisection. EV-ER-EE-ONE! Thanks to appearing in two television series, Bo-Katan Kryze experiences an even bigger moral arc that Han Solo. She goes from being a morally ambiguous lieutenant in Death Watch to the heroic leader of the Night Owls and eventual leader of Mandalore in Rebels. Bo-Katan is an important era-spanning canonical character that should be made available in the realistically styled 3.75" super articulated line. Bonus points for Hasbro if the gives us a two-fer like the recently reviewed ARC Trooper Commander and the figure can be configured in either her Clone Wars or Rebels configurations.

4. Fives

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
During the first run of the Vintage Collection, clone fatigue began to set in. The "skittles" Clones allowed Hasbro to create a good base figure, which they did with the VC45 - Clone Trooper, and then crank out innumerable repaints and retools to capture the minor and major variants, which Hasbro also did. It's the classic case of "just because you can do something, it doesn't mean that you should." By the end of the mainline Black Series 3.75" run, fans were saying, "anything, but another clone."

Having said that, there are exceptions that would fall in line with the quote from Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke: "If we're gonna wear uniforms, man, you know, let's have everybody wear something different." If a clone is distinctive enough (oxymoron alert) without drawing from a silly inspiration like Marvel characters, it breaks that fatigue. Certainly an ARC Trooper from the 501st legion would fit that mold, and Fives would be a welcome addition to the Vintage Collection. Unfortunately, Fives' Phase I and II configurations are so distinctive that the above mentioned VC54 - ARC Trooper Commander "two in one" treatment wouldn't be possible, so we're suggesting the more distinctive Phase II ARC loadout.

5. Cad Bane

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
Cad Bane is a rarity for the prequel era. He's one of the few competent villains who isn't a Force user. The character design is unapologetically American Western with two holsters slung low and a hat that looks suited for the Australian outback. This isn't a bad thing.

Long time fans of the line remember the first Fans' Choice figure from the Power of the Jedi line. It was for the character that was then called "Ellorrs Madak" who is now named Ohwun De Maal. As with a huge percentage of Fans' Choice winners, it didn't sell well. The figure could still be found in quantities at Toys R Us a year after its release, but that shouldn't scare Hasbro away form the Duros species. Cad Bane is an action oriented character who serves as a major antagonist in The Clone Wars. And if his proposed figure sells well, perhaps we can someday get a Chachi De Maal companion piece to that 17 year old Fans' Choice figure.

Honorable Mention Duchess Satine

Jedi Temple Guard
(click for the full sized image)
Duchess Satine actually finished tied for fifth in our poll with Cad Bane, but I made an executive decision to cast the tie breaker in the bounty hunter's direction for two reasons. One, I feel that Cad Bane has better retail viability. Two, Satine reminds me of the worst television arc this side of CBS.

Between being Mandalorian, the sister of Bo-Katan and having connections to a two-trilogy spanning Jedi, the character does have some draw.

Other Notables

  • Asajj Ventress - One of the more popular characters outside the films, she had an engaging character arc throughout TCW and beyond.
  • Hondo Ohnaka - Nomadscout's second favorite character from TCW (behind Gregor), also has the distinction of being in Rebels.
  • Pre Vizsla - We already said Mandos sell. The stylized animated version was an insult.
  • Huyang - Voiced by David Tennant. Make the figure, already.
  • Gregor - Nomadscout's personal favorite character from TCW
  • Admiral Trench - A competent CIS military leader with an interesting alien design would make a great figure.
  • Echo - If you're gonna do Fives, you gotta do Echo.

    Multipacks/Deluxe Suggestions

  • Anything Mandolorian - Did we mention the Mandos sell? How about a Deathwatch Pack? Or a Maul/Savage-centered pack?
  • Nightsisters - We do have an EU version of a Nightsister, but a pack of TCW inspired Nightsisters/Mother Talzin/Asajj Ventress would be cool.
  • Kid Padawans - Another popular arc was when Ahsoka led 6 young padawans to Ilum (in a nod to the Microseries) to find their kyber crystals.
  • Father/Son/Daughter - From a polarizing, but interesting arc that tested viewers' understanding of The Force.
  • Steela/Saw Gererra - Young Saw and his sister Steela were instrumental in the rise of the Rebellion, and Saw later appeared in Rebels and in Rogue One.
  • Tiplar/Tiplee - Creepy Jedi twins, but would make awesome figures, and were part of the story that featured the only time Sidious kind of panicked.
  • Cancelled Rex - As an alternative to single figures suggested above, how about the cancelled Rex (Phase 1 & 2), in a 3 pack with ARC Trooper Fives and ARC Trooper Echo?
  • Admiral/Colonel Yularen - This would be neat, showing a younger Imperial Navy Admiral and an older ISB Colonel.

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